I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh.  Back in college, I performed as a rapper who went by the satirical persona called “Joy Be” (seriously, it’s on YouTube). The Strengthfinders personality test told me I’m a WOO (Winning Others Over) and Myers Briggs told me I’m an ESFJ.  So yeah, I guess you could say I’m the class clown and guy who will do (almost) anything for a laugh.

When Jessica and I met in 2010, I realized that she’s the only person that doesn’t laugh at me all the time. She keeps me grounded and has never once referred to my rapper name, even though many friends from college still do. Although I consider myself a funny guy, I know that she can out-joke me around just about every corner. It’s fun to do life with someone who challenges me and makes me better in every way.

We hope that you see that through A Morales Production – a team who puts our best into everything we do and has fun while doing so. We hope that you see how much we love to have fun, we love creativity, and we love making great productions. I may have traded my microphone for a camera, but I’m still the fun-loving guy who laughs hard and often.


They say that opposites attract. While that may be true, it’s definitely not true for us. Jason and I are much more alike than different. We were the same major at Samford, we like the same music, movies, styles, and we even have the same hobbies. Most of the time, we are trying to figure out who’s the “more” of something.

So, we’ll just go ahead and set the record straight right here and right now. I’m funnier, although Jason tells me I’m his joke apprentice. I certainly have a better sense of style, even though when we go to concerts in Nashville I feel totally out of place. I am our dog, Swanson’s, favorite, even though Jason thinks he is. But that’s all okay because I think Jason’s pretty cool. And even though we aren’t opposites, I love that we have so much in common!

I hope that you will see this reflected in our work – two people with a shared vision working to create something wonderful for our clients. And while I may be a little “more” of a lot of things in the Morales family, Jason certainly has me beat when it comes to who’s the better rapper…seriously, look him up on YouTube.


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