There’s not a day that goes by that Jason doesn’t have a camera (or two, or three) in his hands, a pair of headphones in his ears, or at least one computer in his bag. To sum up Jason, he’s a technology wizard, a talented videographer, and a media guru. He’s toured with bands, shot video for corporate clients, and put on events big colleges to use his craft but his favorite thing to do is tell a good love story… Speaking of love stories, meet Jason’s favorite love story:  Jessica.

Jessica prides herself on being a person who gets things done. Her background is in marketing and fundraising for nonprofit organizations. While it is a real joy to watch as an organization grows and achieves its goals because of her efforts, at heart Jessica is a creative storytelling and is passionate about creating beautiful things from words, design, and media.  Jessica is the filter that Jason runs his creative process through.  Jessica helps make the productions in A Morales Production, beautiful.

Together, we believe that a MEMORY is best defined as an experience caught in a moment in time.

We believe that a MEMORY is made in an instant and lasts for a lifetime, but often, we hear from couples that they can’t believe all the MEMORIES they missed on their wedding day until they play back their video.   We believe that your wedding day is filled with so many MEMORIES that you will want to cherish for years to come, and that’s where we come in!  

We want to become a small part of your MEMORY of the day and give you a wedding video that is beautiful, authentic, and timeless.  Below you will find packages that capture the MEMORIES you’ve been waiting your entire life for and will remember for the rest of it. Our motto is, and always has been, “You make the MEMORIES.  We make them last forever.”

-Jason & Jessica