You need a video for your business in 2024 – but are wondering if we only make wedding videos?

January 10, 2024 | Uncategorized

Weddings are one of our favorite things, with 25-30 enchanting ceremonies captured each year. While weekends are dedicated to weddings, as a Birmingham, Alabama videographer we invest our weekdays collaborating with local and regional businesses, elevating their visions and growth plans.

Our approach stands out from larger advertising agencies, offering personalized and low-key services tailored to your unique needs and budget. Whether your concept is just a seed idea needing nurturing or seeking professional execution of a fully formed vision, we’re your creative partner.

While some of our clients opt for internal videos meant solely for their team’s eyes, others entrust us with creating promotional content for public display. Here are some of our favorite projects! Discover the versatility of our videography services beyond weddings.

Last year, several of Birmingham’s A-List event professionals came together to produce the Auburn Gala sponsored by Tigers Unlimited commemorating the university’s new indoor football practice field and introducing their new coach. Thanks goes out to On Site Productions for inviting us along to document the journey.
The real estate market is such a fun world to work in. We were asked by highest selling realty groups out of Keller Williams Hoover to help them tell their story. Who better to tell their story than those impacted by their services? Testimonials are a great way to get the word out!
Giving back is so rewarding! BMSS is one of the largest accounting companies in the region and each year, along with their sister companies, they find ways to serve the community in all of the cities that they operate in. This is a promotional video explaining their Legacy Initiative and giving you a peek behind the curtain of how it all comes together.

These are just a few but we have plenty more to share. If you’d like to collaborate, reach out to for more information on how we can be your Birmingham, Alabama videographer.


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