Emilee & Tristan | Camp Meadowbrook | Cullman, AL

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Emilee and Tristan got married on June 23, 2018 at Camp Meadowbrook in Cullman, Alabama.  Their story is so cool and it also hits close to home.  As you may have read about here, my wife Jessica and I got married on September 22, 2012 which was two years to the day that we started dating.  What a cool unique thing to do – also, only one anniversary to celebrate and even more reason to do it big – so when I heard that Emilee & Tristan were getting married five years to the day that they started dating, I got so excited that another couple would do the same thing we did!  Emilee’s mom booked me to do their wedding videography as a surprise for Emilee, who worked so hard in grad school getting her masters.  She got her masters and then got married one month later, so there was a lot of transition this summer for them!  I am so honored to have been able to film their wedding day and take part in all of the festivities.  Tristan proposed to Emilee while on a cruise that he surprised her by inviting their families along to.

Wedding Videographer films bride and groom dancing over the wedding at Camp Meadowbrook

The venue Camp Meadowbrook is one of my favorites!

Bride and Groom walking in front of water fountain at Camp Meadowbrook

It’s beautiful and tucked away through downtown Cullman, with waterfalls and bridges and a lovely outdoor chapel.  The forecast for the day had storms and tornados but Emilee & Tristan did not let that slow down the party.  A Tornado Watch appeared around 7pm so for the sake of pictures and video, we did the Grand Exit on film, then they came back (and us too!) to hang out with their friends and family come rain or come shine.

Here is a quick Social Media Teaser to give a Sneak Peak at their big day!

And without further adieu, here’s the real deal.  You make the memories, we make them last forever…


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