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August 29, 2017 | Uncategorized

Fall is my favorite time of year. The leaves begin to change colors.  Everyone starts to wear warmer clothes and show off their new hair cuts.  Lots of yellows and browns come back in style.  I’m not a big Starbucks guy, but I know Pumpkin Spice Lattes are a thing.  And yes…  Fall in Alabama also means the start of Football Season. I think my affinity for this time of year traces back to being school age because the start of Fall usually signifies the beginning of a new chapter at school.  Now that school is over, the new chapters keep on coming.  Jessica and I started dating at the beginning of her senior year at Samford back in Fall of 2010.  I began work on one of my favorite band’s tours in Fall 2011.  Jessica and I got married at the start of fall back in 2012.  Then our daughter Brighten was born in on our fourth anniversary in Fall 2016.  Fall is seriously my favorite time of year.

With so many new chapters beginning this time a year, I have a special love for fall weddings.  I was so excited when Sarah contacted me in July 2016 to begin talking about filming her and John’s wedding.  My initial conversation with her lasted over an hour by phone.  That was by far the longest “consultation” I’d ever been part of, but I got off the phone with her knowing that her wedding was going to be incredible and that if I got to be part of it, it would be a day to remember.  I’m so thankful she chose me to film her day.

Fast forward to the Fall that year and a lot had happened quickly.  Jessica and I were notified on August 29, 2016 with only 3 weeks notice that we were going to be parents of a sweet little girl that was going to be born in Houston.  We had to spend several weeks in Texas while we waited for the adoption paperwork to go through.  We arrived back home to Birmingham on October 5  Another new chapter had begun as I had become a new dad of a baby girl.

Meanwhile, Sarah and John’s wedding was only 10 days away and I couldn’t wait for their special day.  Sarah’s dad officiated the wedding and his message struck a special chord in me as he married his oldest daughter to the love of her life.  Because of what had occurred only a few weeks before, I could relate to him and knew during the editing phase that his sermon would be the theme that carried the entire ceremony section of the video.

Sarah and John Williams got married on October 15 2016 at the Cullman Church of Christ in Cullman Alabama.   Their photographers were Amber and Kacey from N&N Photography.


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