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Hailey and Nick’s Love Story is one for the ages.  

wedding day at the jefferson

Their Oxford Mississippi wedding at The Jefferson was a celebration that reflected and pointed everyone that attended towards the Glory of God.  They did not grow up together or meet in college.  Nick was in the military and Hailey worked with college students.  Nick didn’t plan on getting married.  He was very focused on living a life that pointed others to Jesus and thought he was called to singleness.  But the Bible says, in Proverbs 16:9 “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps”.  It turned out that God had bigger plans and they met pursuing their passions in the Middle East.  Separately, Nick and Hailey were a force to be reckoned with but together, their love radiates Jesus in everything that they do.

I drove over on Friday afternoon to film their rehearsal dinner at The Ravine.  Nick and Hailey began the night introducing every single person in the room and sharing how much they meant to them.

The toast section of the night lasted almost 3 hours because person after person got up and told the stories and legends of how much Nick and Hailey impacted their lives.

The Ravine, Oxford Mississippi, Wedding Videography Toasts

Literally, almost everyone in the room got up at some point to share their love for the bride and groom.  These two are special.

rehearsal dinner toasts, oxford missippi wedding videography

There were a lot of tears of joy and laughter on this night.  The weddings we film where we are asked to film the rehearsal dinner as well add a special element to the footage we capture that weekend.  We are there to hear the kind words (and funny stories) that are shared during this time.  We film these special moments to provide as its own standalone film as keepsake, but also aim to incorporate these toasts into the final wedding film, if content allows.

wedding, rehearsal dinner, the ravine, oxford mississippi, videography

And content definitely allowed.  Claire’s speech below plays a major role in the wedding film and I cannot WAIT for you to see it!

rehearsal dinner video oxford mississippi wedding

Finally, after everyone in the room showing their love and appreciation, Nick had to call it.  It was going to be a long and exciting day tomorrow so everyone needed to get some rest.

The BIG DAY began with a celebration of song and music.  Hailey told me during the planning phase for the day that it was important to them to fill the room they got married in with worship before everything started.  It was so meaningful and powerful, as the brother of the bride and one of the bride’s good friends led 50 friends and family in song.  That was such a cool moment that I had to include it in their wedding film.

One last thing… I always put a mic on the Groom during the First Look.  You never know what kind of quality moment you’ll get for that, but this is one of my favorites.  As Hailey was entering the room, Nick left a message of his thoughts right before he saw her.  I’ll be shocked if you can watch it without choking up.

So, without much more of me setting the stage, I introduce you to Hailey and Nick’s wedding film.

Our motto is, and always has been, “You make the memories.  We make them last forever.”  January 20, 2018 is a day that will be remembered forever.

The incredible vendors from their Oxford Mississippi wedding day are:

Event Planner: Carly Hines
Caterer: My Michelle’s
Party Rental: Details Specialty Rentals
Florist: Twisted Twig
Cakes: Laura Weaver
Bar Consultant: Michelle Rounsaville
Photographer: Century Tree Productions
Videographer: A Morales Production
Band: The Party Jammers
Security & Valet: Cobra


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