An AMP Bride is someone who is completely, head-over-heels in love and cannot wait for her wedding day. An AMP Bride is someone who wants to make this day last forever so she can cherish every detail over and over again. An AMP Bride is someone who is passionate, giddy, and loves a good love story. An AMP Bride could be you!

What comes with your packages?
All packages include a full video of the ceremony with high quality audio, and then the different packages include many additional things that many brides look for such as documentary films from the Best Moments of the Day or Highlight Films (which are 5-7 minute films that encompass the entire day).
How Will I Get My Videos?
We film with the HIGHEST QUALITY cameras on the market so DVD’s don’t capture the details of the day.  Instead, all of your videos are delivered via online download but you can order an additional Blu Ray or USB copy for safe keeping!  Let’s just put it this way… we can do whatever you like!
Do you do Engagement Sessions?
We offer Love Story Engagement Video Shoots.  This is a GREAT way to introduce your significant other to your family! Similar to an Engagement Session for Photography, we sit down and film you share your Love Story on who you are, how you both met, and  how he proposed on film.  These are ideal for couples that didn’t grow up together and have family coming in from out of town for the wedding so you can show this at the rehearsal dinner or reception!
Will you film my rehearsal dinner?
Of course!   When the toasts are part of  the Rehearsal Dinner, we offer up to 3 hours to capture all the kind words people say about you!  We provide this as a stand alone video in the final delivery, and sometimes include these in the Highlight Film if they fit just right!

We believe everyone should have high quality videos from their wedding day.  We would love to talk about what you’re looking for to see if we’re a good fit.


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