Krista & David | Proposal Video | Mathews Manor

July 17, 2017 | Uncategorized

We love important days!  The day you meet “THE ONE”, or the day you first say “I love you”, or how about the day you ask someone to marry you?  There’s an excitement and anticipation in the air that is just… electric.  We are very used to being there for a wedding day, in fact, it’s one of our favorite things to film.  But very rarely do we get to see how it all began.  We were so excited when David reached out to us to talk about capturing his special day on video.  He had been planning this day for months and he put so much thought and effort into the big ASK.  We just knew Krista was going to say yes but it’s so much fun to see how it all played out.

So, after lots of planning, last night David asked Krista to be his wife. He surprised her with an “impromptu” stop at Mathew’s Manor in Springville.   He told her he had to go meet someone there on the way to their date, but that place holds a special place in their heart and in their love story.  You see, it’s where they both had worked together one summer while in college. Fast forward seven and a half years later, David asked Krista the most important question of their relationship thus far: “will you marry me?”

If you hadn’t guessed already, she said “yes”!  Once she said yes, David and Krista’s parents, who were waiting in the wings, appeared to take pictures and congratulate them.  After that, they moved the party on to their family’s home where they had a surprise Engagement party scheduled for Krista. 

We are so honored to be able to share such a wonderful moment with them and hope that they cherish this for the rest of their life!


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